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Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

A boho, chic and modern look for baby girl.

When I found out I was expecting a baby girl, my heart filled with joy, my mind went crazy of nursery ideas, and of course outfit ideas were popping up in my mind as well -- it's all I could think about. I have dreamed of having a girl for my entire life and suddenly all of it was coming true. Now, I still want a boy in the future because Will & I need to have our little farmer as well, but a girl will be first in our family it looks like. Being I own a clothing business I follow a lot of style influencers and bloggers, my personal feed on Instagram is basically nothing but bloggers, they are practically my friends and I feel as if I know them personally! I have had a few that I have loved following as they have become mothers and I have seen their nursery reveals. I don't take credit for my decorating skills or for being original at coming up with everything in her nursery- AT ALL. I have to have an idea to begin with and piece things together from Pinterest or Instagram, I wish my mind were that creative. I also do not consider myself a blogger by any means, although I have done a few in years past -- mainly when I find myself having some down time to do it. As a business owner I stay very busy and don't have time to write or journal like I liked to do as a child. Seeing that I am on bed rest and have been for 2 weeks now for gestational hypertension, I decided to share our nursery with everyone. The purpose of this is to share the enjoyment I got out of decorating Hadley's nursery over the past 8 months, as it did help pass the time by and to link these items so if you are in the market for any of them you can find them with ease, like I did following my fave bloggers! I am very OCD when it comes to organizing and I can assure you it will not stay this way after having a child, but it made me excited and happy to do it and I am glad to be sharing this with you all -- to those who may care. Enjoy!


Crib  / Chandelier

Fiddle Leaf Tree / Basket / Rug

Pink Blanket / Cheetah Blanket- Home Goods / Crib Skirt

Throw Pillows- Home Goods / Crib Sheet

Bookshelf / Pineapple Bookends / Pink Globe

Hatch Sound Machine / Lamp / Frame - TJ Maxx /

H Letter / Pink Vase- Home Goods / Macrame- Hobby Lobby (older) / Wall Flowers

Curtains / Curtain Rod / Swan Rocker

Dresser / Pull Handles / Basket

Mirror / Shelf / Shelf Decor - Hobby Lobby & Home Goods

Giraffe Art / Wall Flower /

Laundry Basket - Home Goods / H Wall Hook- Hobby Lobby

Curtain Rod - Target / S Hooks

Moon Fringe Wall Decor

Acrylic Wall Shelf

Cube Organizer / Baskets / Basket Tags 

Clear Lookers Box

Acrylic Organizers

Expandable Drawer Dividers

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