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Baby Registry Must-Haves

Baby Registry Must-Haves

So I decided to put together a list of my top baby registry items that we have used most during our 1st month. By no means does this mean you will use the same products or items, every baby is different and every parent has things that work best for them and their routine. But, I highly suggest all of these items being added to your registry if you're expecting, they have all been a life saver and made our first month so easy! Below I have included a list of them all and links you can click to find out more about each one! Enjoy!
We chose this car seat because #1 it is the lightest car seat out there that is made & #2 the stability leg made it seem a lot more safe.
Probably one of our most used products! I didn't think I would use this as much as I do. I use it 1-2 times a day so I don't have to run the dishwasher all the time & I didn't want a bottle rack to sit out to dry them. Our dishwasher is always either full or there is no use to run it with just bottles in it anyway, plus it doesn't dry our dishes completely! You still have to wash your bottles with this, but I can put up to 6 bottles in this and have them sterilized and dried within 45 min. and put them away. MUST HAVE especially for bottle fed babies!
I have heard nothing but great things about this book and the schedule that is in it! We are just beginning to really follow schedule now that Hadley is 4 weeks but I can already tell a huge difference in her sleep throughout the night! Plus it has lots of tips on sickness & other routines throughout the day like napping & feeding. I also suggest watching their video here on how to swaddle in a correct & tight way to ensure longer sleep. I swaddled Hadley like this for 2 weeks and it worked great, I just got tired of doing it in the middle of the night half asleep - so that's when we swapped to velcro swaddles mentioned below. 
I was scared this would be a waste after hearing how many babies hated it. But, my theory is if they don't have another seat/swing to compare it to then they have no choice but to get used to it and like it. I could be wrong but I have put her in it since the day we got home and she loves it and falls asleep in it most times. I also have a vibrating seat I move around in case I need to shower or be in another room, but she doesn't love it near as much.
Helps diaper rash and raw booties quickly, so why not.
I love the fact this thing swivels making it getting out of bed much easier. You can have it level with the bed, so your baby is so close it's almost like having them in the bed with you. We opted for the cheaper one without the bells & whistles because I knew I would be using another sound machine and it wasn't necessary to have along with a cord for me to trip over at 3am. 
This goes EVERYWHERE with us! If you get the Mom's on Call Book, you'll read to start white noise from the beginning, which we did. She doesn't sleep or nap without it- and I'm not sure I ever will be able to either. I like that this one is small enough to leave in her car seat with her. This is one we use in our room while she is in her bassinet or while on-the-go.
I have several different burp cloths, but these seem to soak up the most. I also like the cloth diapers you can buy to use as burp cloths but they aren't as cute:) We also sell these at my store, as linked. 
Will told me I was stupid for wanting this and that I would never use it... he was wrong! I have used this so much to keep from washing my hands 5000 times and drying them out, it's easy to wipe off and throw in a diaper bag, not to mention it suctions so I can just stick it to the dresser.
We started using these after week 2 like I mentioned earlier so I wouldn't have to spend the time wrapping her in the middle of the night half asleep. These keep them secure and feeling tight as long as it's done correctly.
#1 most used product!! A LIFE SAVER! I don't know what I would do without this thing. Hadley has been formula fed since Day 1. I'm not here to listen to comments as to being awful for not breastfeeding, but since she was taken to NICU at 24 hours old, it wouldn't have happened any way. She barely sucked from a bottle the first 24 hours due to having to work so hard to breathe with premature lungs. I know what's best for me and our schedule so it is what it is 😉. But... I can make a bottle in 5 seconds with this while having her in one arm and only one hand free. Super convenient if she's screaming to eat at 3am too. PLUS, daddy friendly 😉 .It warms the bottle & pre-mixes it. Basically a Keurig for babies.
One of the most top rated diaper bags out there and very stylish. I like that it's classic and looks good on men too, haha. Leather allows for easy clean and it's huge. Lots of pockets and room for all the necessities. A little more pricey, but if you hit a sale or join their Fringe membership you can get a discount!
I have wanted this stroller since before I knew I was pregnant because I have seen so many reviews and bloggers talk about it. It is pricey, but if you have family that wants to get you a nice gift they can all go together to get it for you, which is what mine did, ❤️ . I chose this stroller for mainly one reason: because it can grow with the child & you can add to your family with it. So later, when we have another child you can attach two seats to it. Also, for the price it comes with the toddler seat and a bassinet! Super smooth riding, as well as good big wheels. Our car seat we chose does not adapt to this automatically though, so you do have to buy adapters for the NUNA if you chose the same route. They make an UPPAbaby car seat too that is very good from reviews as well. 
Great for reducing gas and colic. All of my family has always chose to use these bottles and never had problems so that is why I chose to use them. 
We have this in her nursery, so I use it when I am in there playing or rocking with her, since she isn't sleeping in her crib - only for some naps. Lot's of sounds & songs to choose from including white noise. You can also change the color of the light. It also hooks to your phone bluetooth which is nice.
Just recently used this for the first time last night and praise GOD for these. So glad I went ahead and bought them the other day. She screamed for 2 hours with gas pains and I did everything before remembering I had these. Was a little scared to use them at first, but it worked and Mama and Daddy got to go back to sleep.
Great for around the house lounging and tummy time. Sit it on the floor, the couch or wherever to let them sit up more elevated.
Just started using this and she loved it. Although she's not really kicking a lot to hit the piano yet, she loves the music and bright colors of the toys. 
We chose this video monitor because I didn't want one attached to the wall so I could move it to the living room if I needed to, and I also didn't want to have to open an app on my phone to see her. It is much easier to carry the monitor around with me if I need to be on my phone or to just sit beside me as I am doing something. 
So glad we got this as a gift! Similar to the boppy lounger but much bigger so she can grow with it to toddler size - also Rico thinks this is his new dog bed. She likes laying on the floor in it looking at the Christmas Tree lights.
I didn't listen to anyone when they said you would hate snap pjs in the middle of the night. Listen to my warning! GET ZIPPER PJS or gowns! ORRR THE MAGNETIC ME BRAND -SOLD AT HONEYBEE - click here (love love love these). I like the Spearmint brand because they run smaller and she is so small a lot of newborn outfits are still too big, but preemie is too small (my tall little baby). 
These are great for lying around where every you may need to change them, because they are washable too -  the couch, car, etc. 
ALSO wanted to add:
This has been such a peace of mind at night. Since Hadley had premature lungs and was in NICU for that and for pulmonary hypertension, we wanted to keep a close eye on her oxygen levels when we got home. I have had no problem going to sleep when she sleeps because of this and knowing it will alarm if something is off. Just don't let it freak you out if it starts going off at 2am from not being able to get a good reading haha)
Go ahead and have like 10 boxes of this, haha. Hadley has had gas bad so we put them in every bottle. Instant relief - most times. 
Hope you enjoyed and found this helped you out creating a registry from what experience I have had with these products! I know it helped me to see bloggers talk about their experience with items, so here ya go! - Kimberly


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