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Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag

Hey Friends and Happy Thursday! Can you believe there is less than 1 week until Christmas?! 2019 has flown by so fast! I know I say that every year but it’s definitely been the fastest to go by- and you would think it drug by being I was pregnant for 9 months but, I blinked and we are 2 weeks away from 2020– A NEW DECADE. It’s always weird adjusting to saying 2010 & 2020 but here we are! 
I wanted to do a post on what to pack in your hospital bag if you are a first time mom & expecting & nearing that 37 week mark that you should have it all ready by! I ended up packing at 33 weeks because that’s when I found out I had gestational hypertension and was put on bed rest. They also told me I would more than likely be induced at 37. I also was terrified my BP would spike and they would take her at any time between 33-37 weeks. But anyways, I know it helped me to see all of my fave bloggers have babies and post their recommendations, but I know all of you don’t follow a billion of them like I do either. (My line of work calls for it - it can be dangerous so heed my warning they will influence you to buy things you don’t need 😂) I have a lot of friends who are currently expecting and have asked on Facebook so here is my list of must haves for that hospital stay and what I found I used most of. I did not plan on breastfeeding from the beginning, so I did not have anything with me for that so you'll have to see other peoples recommendations on that. Enjoy and Congrats!
(All of my favorite brands/specific products are linked if underlined.)


Frida Mom Peri Bottle - This one is great because it has an upside down nozzle on it for easy use- unlike the one the hospital gives you. I mixed Witch Hazel and warm water and used this every time I used the bathroom for probably a week. 

Frida Mom Ice Maxi Pads - I used these not only to ease the pain down there, but also for breast pain- since I was trying to suppress my milk. I added it in my tight sports bras and sometimes ace bandages to keep them from being sore.

Dermoplast -THE HOLY GRAIL OF A VAGINAL DELIVERY. Go ahead and get 2 bottles of this stuff (THE BLUE KIND). You won't live without it for about 2 weeks after. 

Always Discreet Diapers - Sounds crazy and you may be like "I'm not wearing diapers" but I promise you, you'll be much more comfortable in these than mesh underwear and massive pads. 

Tucks Cooling Pads - Does the same as the witch hazel and the Dermoplast basically. I did all 3 most times. Anything to help relieve pain. 

Towels & Washcloths - Because I promise the ones at the hospital suck. 

Shower flip flops - no brainer.

Toiletries - Shampoo, Soap, Contacts, Solution, Glasses, Toothpaste, Toothbrush

Toilet paper - because having your own is way better than the sand paper they give you.

Hair dryer - I only used this when we stayed in the hospitality rooms when she was in NICU - dry shampoo is the way to go.


PJs - I mainly used comfy PJ pants and a loose top/t-shirt. Since I wasn't breast feeding there wasn't a need for button tops and I sleep in t-shirts 100% of the time. These from Target feel so good though, I did have this set for the first night. 

Slippers - Loved these before the swelling - May want some for walking halls and potty breaks. Had to buy men's in like a size 11 after swelling haha. They were beyond ugly, but I had no choice. 

Sports bras - especially if you aren’t breastfeeding- get small ones to help bind your breasts to suppress milk. (I used ice packs to help too- frozen cabbage leaves are also recommended, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND - unless you want to smell like a garbage dump or 3 day old B.O., because once your body starts heating them up, you can be smelt from a mile away and it will take 3 washes to get the stench from your clothes. )

Robe - I never even used mine. So that's preference. Once again probably if you were breastfeeding. 

Makeup - You may not even care about a face of makeup, but to have my "face" on helps me feel refreshed and like myself again. 

Dry Shampoo - 100% have

Stool Softener - If you take your own you won't have to have an extra charge for it. They probably charge $5 for a pill that could cost you like  .12 cents. START TAKING THEM LIKE THE WEEK BEFORE DELIVERY. You will be terrified I promise, but it does help a lot.

Witch Hazel - Mix with some warm water in the peri bottle and it will help cleanse & soothe the pain. 

Nursing Pads - I used these just to soak up any milk that leaked (it didn't start until like day 4, but we were still at hospital with Hadley in NICU).

Ice Packs - I had the breakable ones while we were at the hospital with Hadley in NICU since I couldn't be at home near a freezer. Great for on the go if you need to help with pain in breast from suppressing milk. I also had the freezable ones for when we were at home and I could change them out. 

Ace Bandages - also used for suppressing milk. My ribs hurt after wearing a sports bra and ace bandages for 2 weeks straight (day & night). 



Because Hadley was taken to NICU at 24 hours old, we did not get to dress her and use things as much, so we have a little bit different experience than most. We did get to dress her on like the 3rd NICU day.  

Gowns and Onesies - I recommend white onesies with the built in mitts so they don't scratch themselves. They will be pooping Meconium that will get all over everything if you aren't careful and their umbilical cord may bleed or leak on things as well. 

Diapers - They supplied us with what we needed, and used the same kind we were going to use. These were for the ride home just in case. 

Wipes - Supplied

Paci - They had one they supplied that was a Soothie, but they are just so big. She liked the smaller one and was able to keep it in much better. 

Bows/Hats - I mainly used hats because it had been cold.

Socks - My hospital didn't supply. The ones linked are seriously the best fitting newborn socks! 

Blanket - For leaving hospital if it is cold or in the room. 

Car seat - We didn't take in until night before we left. Hadley had to pass a car seat test since she was in the NICU, so it may depend on your hospital. I also really recommend having a Multi Use Cover to put on the car seat, it keeps wind out but also from people touching your baby! Copper Pearl has great ones! Shop Here!

Baby Book - Forgot to have her footprints done in this the night she was born because so much was happening. I thought I would get copies, but they don't give them to you. I did them with my own once I got home.

Camera - We used our phones.

Burp Cloths - The hospital was using washcloths that felt like sandpaper for this, so I was glad to have my own. The cloth diapers linked are great for basics, but my fave are the Copper Pearl sold at the store! Link here

Boppy - For family holding baby + feedings. 

Photo Props - We took a letter board, name sticker, outfits

Swaddles - She stayed in a white onesie and swaddles the 24 hours she was with us before NICU. It was just easiest with diaper changes and all. I love the Copper Pearl brand I sell at the store. They feel AH-MAZING! Shop Here

Door Sign - was irritated because my hospital had just remodeled the Mama-Baby Unit and didn't have nails on the doors yet and they wouldn't let me use a command hook. I used it in photos though. 

Changing Pad Cover - mainly for a cuter photo in the bassinet. Copper Pearl makes good ones, link here. I also love the Burts Bees brand. 

Sound Machine- since she went to NICU we didn't get to use it until we left, but we started it the minute we got in the car. Mom's on Call Book suggest starting Day 1. 



Change of Clothes



Bedroom Slippers

Shower Flip Flops



Long phone chargers

Extension Cord

Pillows/ Blankets (we couldn't fit 2 pillows and 2 blankets in our suitcase, so we put them in a Space Bag so we could carry at once and they wouldn't touch the nasty in the hospital especially when changing rooms)

Yeti and Straw


Quarters for vending machines


Insurance Card

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